Evaluation of the Creative Process in Thirty Days of Painting Process

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Am I enjoying the creative process each day? What do I enjoy about it? I thoroughly enjoy the process over the last 25 days. I have been anxious to do each days painting and have often been able to complete more than 1 or 2 each time.

What differences have I noticed about the way I create? It seems to come easier and I have less stress about deadlines and getting a painting done.

What media or material do I want to experiment? I have done very little with colored pencils. I have a variety of types and would like to do more with them.

Am developing a creative practice? Absolutely, its easy to sit down and jump right in instead of staring and not knowing what to do.

Have I noticed resistance, self-criticism or anxiety? Have do I deal with it? I still have issues with self-criticism and comparing myself to others. I try not to dwell on it and just walk away from what I was working on.

How do I meet my creative blocks compared to how I was before I started creating every day? I have had very few creative blocks since I started but if it happens I watch some videos or stroll through one of the groups and try to get some inspiration.

What are some of the habits would I like to change in my creative process? I need a more conducive space but unable to change it right now.

Have I developed new tools or techniques to work in my creative process? I think I pay more attention to the tools I use and make sure I have what I need.

What new thing or things have I learned about myself? I have become even more attracted to watercolor and the more I do it I find I am figuring out little things that help me grow.

Do I have a larger more expanded menu for my creativity? As you go along you start to feel a little more positive about what you have done are less apprehensive of starting something or using something new

Where Do I want to go from here? What are my creative goals or intentions?

Am I feeling more confident as a creative? See above, but yes.

Am I more excited about my creativity? yes

Am I creating with more joy? I find that I tend to be happier every day I am able to create art and then happier in general.

Have I learned about the importance of my creativity? I believe it is reflected in the way I feel each day.

Have I learned the value of process not result? I believe this is happening but maybe not as fast as I would like.

Do I take more creative risks? I think so.